How to connect MCAN to CAN Transciever in MPC5777C Evaluation Board?

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How to connect MCAN to CAN Transciever in MPC5777C Evaluation Board?

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Hi all,

I am currently configuring MCAN0 for MPC5777C and testing it on MPC5777C Evaluation Board and using Vector VN1640A for Testing.

i set SIU_PCR[83] and SIU_PCR[133] to alternate functionality 2

i disconnected J37 J38 and J35 jumpers

i connected PL3 to J35 Tx

      and       PL4 to J35 Rx

i connected my canoe to J6

i am unable to tx or rx anything 

Please Help!!

UPDATE :-  Q1. so i connected back the jumpers J35 and J37 J38 in 1-2 position and i connected my canoe to CAN2(J5) and MCAN0 is working but FlexCAN_A also uses the same CAN2(J5) for communication so how does the Evaluation board differentiate between both when they both are configured ??

Q2. How do i test MCAN_1 which jumpers do i have to change and/Or if i need to supply i/p to the tranciever which port pin on the EVB do i take it from (i tried PC8 and PC9, didnt work) and which SIU_PCR would i have to configure for the alternate functionality of the same??

UPDATE2 :- Nevermind i solved this one, for anyone else having same trouble move J37 & J38 to 2-3 position and connect Canoe to J6 to get MCAN_1 working

Q1 still remains though

Thank you in advance 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


this is default CANs routing for a MPC5777CEVB  


This should help you to figure out which pin should be configured and what jumper setting should be used.

CNTXA or MCAN0TX functionality on pin controlled by PCR[83] is selected by its PA field, similarly for CNTRXA and MCAN0RX


so you cannot have both FlexCAN A and MCAN0 on the same pins

BR, Petr

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