Example MPC5744P FlashArrayIntegrityCheck test SSD GHS614

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Example MPC5744P FlashArrayIntegrityCheck test SSD GHS614

Example MPC5744P FlashArrayIntegrityCheck test SSD GHS614


* Detailed Description:

* Used flash driver:  MPC5700 C55FG Flash Standard Software Driver (REV 1.1.0)

* http://www.nxp.com/files/product/software/C55_JDP_SSD.exe


* This example checks four large 256KB flash blocks at address 0x0100_0000 -

* 0x010F_FFFF.

* Some random data are placed to this section (constant "flash_data[]"), so the

* s-record is not empty.

* It is necessary to use off-line MISR_C55.exe tool which calculates MISR

* values for selected flash blocks. See the "MISR gen" folder included in this

* project. File "core0.run" is s-record file which is used for calculation. It

* contains the data (constant "flash_data[]") placed to the selected blocks.

* "misr.bat" file shows how to call the calculator.

* "output.txt" contains the result of this operation - the MISR values.

* Once this is done, initialize the SSD drivers, unlock blocks which are going

* to be checked and run the FlashArrayIntegrityCheck function.

* Notice that the code must be executed from RAM. We cannot access the flash

* during this operation. If the operation is successful, FlashCheckStatus will

* return opResult C55_OK if the MISR values are equal. It will return

* C55_ERROR_MISMATCH if the MISR values are not equal, i.e. the flash is

* corrupted and the content does not correspond to s-record file.

* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:         X-MPC5744PE257DC, MPC57xx motherboard

* MCU:             PPC5744PFMMM8 1N65H

* Fsys:            200 MHz PLL

* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32

* Target:          internal_FLASH



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