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MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.0 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.0 (build 4120) is now available. This is a major new version of the IDE, and contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes over the previous versions, including latest announced MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 .


Installer Downloads

To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 



Additional information can be found in the updated User Guide and other documentation, which can be accessed from the built in help system available via IDE's Help menu and in PDF form from within the installation directory or downloaded from:


Notification of future releases

To receive notifications about future releases, please follow : MCUXpresso IDE - Release History 


Summary of Changes - version 11.2.0 - July 2020

  • Upgraded: Eclipse version to 2019.12 (Eclipse Platform 4.14.0 / CDT9.10.0).
  • Upgraded: GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain to GCC9-2019-q4-major.
  • Upgraded: GNU make 4.2.1 is now integrated on IDE on all OS-es.
  • Upgraded: Version v8 of MCUXpresso Config Tools.
  • Upgraded: FreeRTOS TAD synchronization with FreeRTOS 202002.00.
  • Upgraded: newer SEGGER J-Link software (v6.80d).
  • Upgraded: newer PEmicro plugin (v4.6.9).
  • Added RT500 B0 support.
  • Added flash programming support for QN9090/JN5189.
  • Added KW37/KW38/K39 B0 support.
  • Improvement: [RT500/RT600] Extended flash drivers to support boards potentially wired in a different way from the EVKs with regards to the reset pin used for the external flash device.
  • Improvement: [RT500/RT600] Flash erase performance of RT600 rev B0 flash driver (~30% speed increase).
  • Improvement: 'Delete' option added for plugin SDKs. Now the removal option should be similar with the file system SDKs.
  • Improvement: Added Help -> "MCUXpresso IDE Save Info For Support" option intended to gather enough information to help reporting an issue:
    • MCU IDE installation details
    • Files from workspace
    • Information about Installed SDK
    • Workspace log file
    • Content of the Console View

        User is encouraged to use this option when reporting an issue and to also attach the generated zip file to help         development team to easier trace the reported problem.

  • Improvement: added new control to manage the maximum number of child expressions that are evaluated in advance by the Live Variables service. This improves the Global Variables window responsiveness for instance when large structures are displayed. New control available on Eclipse Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> Debug Options -> "Number of subexpressions proactively evaluated by Live Variables service". Default is 2 set as depth.
  • Improvement: expressions added in Global Variables are now persistent between debug sessions.
  • Fixed: Error reported while importing SDK example and changing to Newlib (semihost).
  • Fixed: LinkerScript awareness reports fails on /DISCARD/ sections.
  • Fixed: IDE freeze and high CPU power consumption while debugging with Segger debug probe and disconnecting the USB cable.
  • Fixed: SDK import project example copies wrong header file in the case of multiple files with the same name.
  • Fixed: Unticking the "Redirect SDK PRINTF to C library printf" does not reset the ticking settings.
  • Fixed: [LPC11U68] A modified register in peripherals view alters other registers.
  • Fixed: [RT600] Debug error using LinkerServer if RT685 previously went to deep sleep state.
  • Fixed: [RT600] Unable to use "Restart" for debug session on RT600.
  • Fixed: [LPC43xx] "Wrong field format" displayed for SPI peripheral registers on LPC43xx.
  • Fixed: [RT1170] breakpoint support for CM4.
  • Fixed: "Hide Installed" within SDK installer view should be unchecked by default.
  • Fixed: Include directory path for the proper newlib.h is missing when newlib-nano spec is used.
  • Fixed: Global Variables showing negative timestamps after "Clear Data" is used.
  • Fixed: Exception thrown after trying to delete a closed project.
  • Fixed: SDK plugins generated with the IDE contains keywords of examples that are missing in the SDK package.
  • Fixed: ELF parsing issue which in some particular circumstances could cause incomplete flashing of programs generated using user-defined linker scripts (for example tfm SDK examples).
  • Fixed: Linker script error related to "OVERLAY" keyword.
  • Fixed: Internal error displayed when creating a new ldt file in MCUX.
  • Fixed: Empty tooltip for "Global Variables" View when adding variables.
  • Fixed: Linker script parsing error reported as: "missing ';' at '}' ".
  • Fixed: Exception shown when renaming a project after a debug session ended.
  • Fixed: Missing board picture when a SDK is selected within "SDK installer" on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed: Removed board related memories on "New Project Wizard" when "Empty board files" option is selected.
  • Fixed: issue when Global Variables list is empty when going into debug mode.
  • Fixed: xpsr registers for which the values cannot be changed for Cortex M0 boards.
  • Fixed: null pointer exception shown when displaying Globals Variable view in NonStopMode.
  • Fixed: freeze reported when hovering over a large size symbol.
  • Fixed: empty tooltip for Global Variables View when adding variables.
  • Fixed: various UI widgets to correctly display the dark theme.
  • Fixed: the issue when removed variables were continuing to plot data.
  • Fixed: "Remove Selected Variables" always removes all added global variables. This was happening when global variables were added in Global Variables view using "Add new expression".
  • Fixed: Japanese/Chinese font issues on MCUXpressoIDE - this was fixed by the updated eclipse version.
  • Fixed: issue (hang) when display large structures while debugging.