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MCUXpresso Config Tools v4.1 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso Config Tools v4.1 are now available.


MCUXpresso Configuration Tools is a product with set of tools that help users of all levels with a Cortex-M-based MCU solution.


  • Available as Web and Desktop application
  • Kinetis SDK v2 support
  • Multicore support
  • Localized for English and Simplified Chinese
  • Mostly Connected: On-Demand device data download
  • Integrates with any compiler and IDE
  • Currently there are the following tools available: 


    • Peripherals
    • Pins  
    • Clocks
    • Project cloner
  • To download the installer for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 


    Please refer to MCUXpresso Config Tools documentation for installation and quick start guides.


    For online version, login into MCUXpresso site:


    Overview of Changes - version 4.1

    • Undo/Redo supported.

    • Project Cloner moved as an option to the startup dialog and new configuration dialog.
    • Peripherals view now displays errors and warnings. It's possible to filter peripherals or configuration components by their name.
    • Product based on Eclipse Oxygen release 3.
    • Pin-related settings of GPIO moved from Peripherals tool to Pins tool, see 'GPIO initial state' and 'GPIO interrupt' in Routed Pins view.
    • It's possible to select the configuration component version while adding a new configuration component instance to the Peripherals configuration.
    • New toolchain supported for Import toolchain project and project cloning: KEIL DS-MDK v5.27+.
    • Unified import wizard. A single import source is implemented. It allows you to import all supported types of C files.
    • Update Project Code can now display differences in code.
    • New Global Configuration option "Generate extended information into header file" driving number of amount of C defines. 


MCUXpresso Config Tools