In which file are the Build configurations?

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In which file are the Build configurations?

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I am using LPCXpresso V8.2.0 for LPC812. My project was working fine. I wanted to write a document on how to setup the software for a new employee, so I deleted the project by right-clicking and "Delete".
After I clicked on File-Import. Under "General", I chose "Existing Projects into Workspace" and selected the folder where my project is.
When I go to my build configurations, I only see "Default". Before, I had "Debug" and "Release".
Also, I cannot compile anymore, I have the error "Error: Program "make" not found in PATH".

I really need this to work as soon as possible!

Thank you.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

So you deleted a project, then expected to still be able to use it? Not something we would generally recommend - certainly without making a backup first (for example by using the Quickstart -> Export to zip option) !

I'm also not sure that I follow why you think this is a good thing to describe to a new employee.

That aside, I have just tried the process that you describe, and my project imported back into the workspace appears to function correctly. The only thing that I can think of is that you managed to delete or modify 1 or more of the files from within the project itself somehow (in particular the .cproject and/or .project), rather than just deleting the metadata that describes the project's existence in the workspace

I am sorry to say that you be better off creating a new project, then copying the files from your original project into it.


LPCXpresso Support

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