How to get flash memory APIs into baremetal project?

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How to get flash memory APIs into baremetal project?

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I am using a FRDM-K22F for a school project. The instructor is adamant that we do not use processor expert. I am not very familiar with KSDK and am having issues importing APIs for flash memory programming. 

I created to processor expert project to test the APIs but have no idea how to get them into my baremetal project that isn't PE. I have browsed around for more information but nothing has really seemed to help. 

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Hi Alex

Just get the uTasker open source project from
which allows building projects for your board with any IDE.

Its Flash API is described in chapter 6 of
and you can run the project in Visual Studio and emulate the Flash operations for learning purposes.

If you need to change to any other part later you just define the alternative board/part used and the complete project adapts itself automatically so you won't need to go through porting to different processors or exchanging the flash drivers etc.
Leave the old fashion techniques to the others in your class and show them how to do it efficiently instead ;-)



Kinetis K22:

Virtual memory mapping of flex data and serial devices video:

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Alex Colpitts 

I would not recommend to take processor expert code and put it into a baremetal project, it would be difficult to find all the APIs and drivers that are managed by Processor Expert. It would get more complicated if you are using processor expert with KSDK1.3.

My recommendation is to check MCUXpresso SDK 2.x drivers, those drivers have fewer layers and can be easily used as a reference for a Baremetal project.

Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder 

Hope this could help

Best regards

Jorge Alcala

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