NXP Connects - Santa Clara - June 13-14, 2018

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NXP Connects - Santa Clara - June 13-14, 2018

NXP Connects - Santa Clara - June 13-14, 2018


An NXP DroneCode Platform for Developing Low-Cost Small Autonomous Vehicles and Leveraging High-Reli... 

Body & Comfort: Exploring the Automotive General-Purpose MCU Portfolio 

Component Selection—The Make-or-Break Milestone Towards Autonomous Vehicles 2018 

Connectivity: Building Your Automotive Network with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Ethernet 

Connectivity: CAN in Future Car Networks—Understanding the Different Trends and Solutions 

Connectivity: NXP Car Access—Roadmap Towards Smart Access (NFC, BLE, UWB, SE) 

Driver Replacement: AD/ADAS Overview 

Driver Experience: i.MX 8/8X Multimedia—Graphics, Display Controller, Vision, Machine Learning 

Driver Replacement: Introduction to NXP Automated Drive Kit 

Driver Experience: IVI/eCockpit Platform on i.MX 8 

Functional Safety & Security: Functional Safety Introduction 

Functional Safety & Security: Next-Generation Functional Safety Architecture 

Functional Safety & Security: NXP® Automotive Cybersecurity Program 

i.MX 8/8X Overview 

Micron® Technology: Micron’s Memory Solutions for the New i.MX 8 Microprocessor Family 

Power Management Solutions for Automotive 

Powertrain & Vehicle Dynamics: Electrification—HV EV Power Inverter System and GD3100 Review 

Powertrain & Vehicle Dynamics: Electrification—MC3377x Battery Cell Controllers for High-Voltage... 

Powertrain & Vehicle Dynamics: NXP’s xEV Energy Management Solutions 

Secure Networks & Gateways: OTA Updates—Requirements for a Full System Solution 

Secure Networks & Gateways: The Rise and Evolution of Automotive Gateways 

Secure Networks & Gateways: Vehicle Network Processing with the MPC5748G MCU + LS1043A Processor 

Tools & Enablement: The Software Enablement of BlueBox v2.0: ADAS Enablement 

Artificial Intelligence, Enabling Technologies, Security & Solutions

A Vision for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Low-cost Edge-computing Nodes 

Boot in Less Than One Second? Learn How 

Computing at the Edge - When, Why and How 

EdgeScale: A Solution for Secure Edge Device and Application Management from the Cloud 

Hands-On Workshop: Achieving End-to-End Security Starting with Secure Boot 

Hands-On Workshop: Advanced Debugging with MCUXpresso IDE 

Hands-On Workshop: Crossover MCU Memory Expansion Advantage: Designing with Execute in Place Serial ... 

Hands-On Workshop: Learn to Get Up and Running Fast with MCUXpresso Software and Tools 

NFC Integration in Real-time and Non-Real-time Operating Systems–How to Choose the Right NFC Product 

Sensor Toolbox: Complete Ecosystem for Product Development with Sensors 

Toradex®: Asymmetric Heterogeneous Architecture for Real-Time and Low-Power Performance 

Using OpenWRT, Yocto, Ubuntu or Your Own Custom Linux® Distribution? Learn How NXP is Making it Easy... 

Zephyr™ OS Overview 

Smart Machinery & Industrial Automation

A71CH Plug and Trust Solution for IoT Security 

NFC in Industrial and Healthcare - More Use Cases Than You Imagine 

Open Industrial Linux® (OpenIL)—Secure, Robust, Real-Time for Industrial and Automation Applications 

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP): Challenges, Opportunities and Sol... 

Smart Networks & Computing

Last Mile Connectivity Using 5G Fixed Wireless—Learn About the Market and Solutions 

Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Networking Virtualization from DPDK to SD-WAN to VIRTIO 

Smarter World Solutions & Multimode Connectivity

Amazon Alexa Voice Service based on i.MX Applications Processors 

 Hands-On Workshop: Get Started with LPC54018 Based IoT Module to Develop a Cloud-Connected End Node 

Hands-On Workshop: i.MX 8M Experience—Next Generation of Applications Processors for High Performanc... 

Hands-On Workshop: i.MX RT Overview and Training 

How to Use Android® Things to Build Successful IoT Devices 

Identification and Authentication of Consumables and Accessories 

i.MX 8M - Next-Generation of Applications Processors for High Performance, Smart Design and Advanced... 

Introduction of NXP Wireless Charging 


NFC in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances - 2018 

NTAG® SmartSensor 

NXP BLE Low-Power Solutions for Consumer, Medical, Industrial IoT and Automotive Markets 

NXP Connectivity Solutions for Smart Home, Building and Lighting 

NXP Wireless Charging Solution Design—Deep Dive 

Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit

Smart Amp Software 

Type-C End-to-End Solution 

Using Sensors for Low-Power IoT Applications: Tips and Tricks 

Emerging Trends & Innovation

NXP MCU Portfolio Based on Arm® Cortex®-M Cores 

Secure Tamper-Resistant Authentication 

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