Toradex®: Asymmetric Heterogeneous Architecture for Real-Time and Low-Power Performance

File uploaded by Renee Fortenberry Employee on Jun 18, 2018
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The talk will first outline the trade-off between heterogeneous architectures and more traditional approaches of using external controllers. Asymmetric Heterogeneous Architectures are found in NXPs i.MX 6SoloX, i.MX 7 and i.MX 8 SoCs. The discussion is centered around the balancing robot and an IoT use case, including live demos. In the second part of the talk, we’ll discuss the software challenges of such an architecture. We’ll focus on using the Linux frameworks remoteproc & rpmsg which are the de-facto standard frameworks used to support such architectures in various. Finally, we’ll look at the robot’s and IoT Demo Qt-based graphical application that interfaces with rpmsg to communicate with the FreeRTOS firmware.