CodeWarrior 10.2.1 for Power Architecture...don't miss this!

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CodeWarrior 10.2.1 for Power Architecture...don't miss this!

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CodeWarrior 10.2.1 for Power Architecture...don't miss this!

Good news everyone!


CodeWarrior for Power Architecture has now been updated! This wonderful combination is designed to bring out the full potential of your communication and networking applications.

The CodeWarrior IDE integrated within the Eclipse development framework, combines Linux® build tools and highly advanced multiprocessor, along with multicore debugging with software analysis capabilities, allowing you to build, debug and optimize the performance of Freescale Power Architecture-based multicore applications.


What's NEW in it?

  • Updated Documentation
  • New IDE features (based on Eclipse Indigo 3.7.1, click here to know more!)
  • New Debugger Features (specific to Power Architecture devices)
  • New processor support


  • Eclipse IDE
  • Flash programmer
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Linux application debug
  • Bare-Board multicore debug (restrictions based on suite)
  • Integrated GCC Build Tools/Project Management
  • Linux Trace (Linux Based Software)
  • Linux Kernel Debug (restrictions based on suite)
  • CodeWarrior Build Tools (restrictions based on suite)
  • Trace (bare metal; selected cores only) (restrictions based on suite)
  • Performance analysis (selected cores only) (restrictions based on suite)
  • Works with CodeWarrior TAP, Gigabit TAP and USB TAP control probes


If you wanna know more about it, take a look at the Release Note or go to the Freescale web page.

If you want to star with the download at once, click here!


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