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Embedded Warrior Library for C++

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Embedded Warrior Library for C++

4_largeThis reference manual describes the contents of the Embedded Warrior Library for C++. The C++ Standard library provides an extensible framework, and contains components for: language support, diagnostics, general utilities, strings, locales, containers, iterators, algorithms, numerics, and input/output. Additionally, EWL C++ offers extra facilities forinput/output, threads, and other components. Libraries included within this reference manual are:


  • The EWL C++ Library Overview of thismanual describes the language support library that provides components that are required by certain parts of the C++ language, such as memory allocation and exception processing.


  • “LanguageSupport Library” discusses the ANSI/ISO language support library.


  • Diagnostics Library elaborates on the diagnostics library that provides a consistent framework for reporting errorsina C++ program, including predefined exception classes.


  • General Utilities Libraries discusses the general utilities library, which includes components used by other library elements, such as predefined storage allocator for dynamic storage management.


  • Strings Library discusses the strings components provided for manipulating text represented as sequences of type char, sequences of typewchar_t, or sequences of any other “character-like” type.


  • Localization Library covers the localization components extend internationalization support for character classification, numeric, monetary, anddate/time formatting and parsing among other things.

  • EWL_Utility utilities used for non standard headers.


  • Overview of EWL C++ Debug Mode describes the Embedded Warrior Library for C++  debug mode facilities.


  • Hash Libraries describes nonstandard “hash” libraries.


  • Metrowerks::threads is a reference to threads support in the Embedded WARRIOR  Libraries.


  • EWL std::tr1 is a reference about items that are proposed for inclusion in the Embedded Warrior Library


  • C++ Switches, Flags and Defines is a chapter on the various flags that you can use to create a customized version of the EWL C++ Library

  • ...and many more resourceful subjects are contained!


Get ready to update your CodeWarrior Development Tools for EWL C++ programming! View manual here!

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