NFC Controled RGB LED using LPC812

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NFC Controled RGB LED using LPC812

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This project demonstrate the controlling of RGB led over NFC by smartphone. LPC812 MAX board is interfaced with NTAG I2C board (NT3H1101).




The pin connections are here,


P0_11 -> SCL_NTAG

P0_10 -> SDA_NTAG


P0_7 -> RED LED

P0_17 -> GREEN LED

P0_16 -> BLUE LED


The NTAG is having 476 pages with 4bytes per each page. For this project we used the page1 (4bytes)

byte1 - Led status (On/Off)

byte2 -  Red value

byte3 - Green Value

byte4 - Blue


using of the android application , we can choose the color and corresponding RGB values  will be write into NTAG memory page1 by tapping the smartphone in it. LPC812 is loaded with wo tasks , the 1st one to generate the PWM signal (bit banging) based on the time_buffers, the other one is to read the NTAG Page1 values and update the time_buffers.


Here with i have attached the source code , and soon the Android application is available in Google Play here.

the working Demo here



Ashok R

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