Quick Start of i.MXRT 1050 EVK + MCUXpresso

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In the i.MXRT 1050 EVK web page, there is a very nice "Getting Started" page to show the videos and steps how to use the board.


1. Connect the board to your PC by a USB cable.



2. Build and download the SDK.


a. In the SDK Builder web page, you can customize and download the specific SDK of your board.





b. On the next page, you can select different OS and different IDE. Select "MCUpresso IDE" for Windows here.




c. You can add the software component that you wanted.



d. Request to build the SDK.



e. When the build request has completed, the SDK is available for download under the SDK Dashboard page.





- Download icon : Download the SDK

- Rebuild icon : Rebuild the SDK with different setting

- Share icon : Share the SDK to others

- MCUConfigTool icon : Run the MCU Configuration Tool to configure the pinmux and clocks for your own design board.

- Remove icon : Remove the SDK from the Dashboard.



3. Install the MCUXpresso IDE.


a. Go to the MCUXpresso IDE weg page to download the IDE and then install it.



4. Build and run the example on EVK.


a. Open the MCUXpresso IDE. Simply drag & drop the SDK zip file to "Installed SDKs" view.



b. Import the SDK examples and then click "Next".



c. Select the "hello_world" under the demo_apps.



d. Click "Build" to build the demo.



e. Execute the terminal software (e.g. PuTTY). The COM port of the console output can be found in "devices manager". The COM setting is 115200,8,N,1.



f. Click the "bug" icon to start the debugging.



g. Click "Resume All Debug Sessions" icon to run the demo.



h. "hello world" print out in console.






i.MXRT1050 web page ( Contain the datasheet, reference manual of the i.MXRT1050 processor)

i.MXRT1050EVK web page ( Contain the user's guides of the i.MXRT1050 EVK)

MCUXpresso IDE web page ( Contain the user's guides of the MCUXpresso IDE )

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