A simple way to detect the track's center for the Freescale Cup Smart Race

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Hello community,


This document is the continuation of the documents Line scan camera with KSDK [ADC + PIT + GPIO] and Controlling speed in DC motors and position in servomotors with KSDK [FTM + GPIO] which show the ease of use of the peripheral drivers from Kinetis SDK applied to the Freescale Cup smart car. This time I bring to you a document which explains an easy way to detect the track's line from the data acquired with the linear camera.


The required material to run this project is:

  • A Servomotor (the project supports up to two servomotors, one servomotor is included in the smart car kit).
  • Two DC motors (included in the smart car kit).
  • Line scan camera (the project supports up to two cameras).
  • FRDM-KL25Z based on the Kinetis Microcontroller KL25Z.
  • FRDM-TFC shield.
  • Mini-USB cable.


This material can be bought in The Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Development.




If you are interested in participate in the Freescale Cup you could take a look into the groups University Programs, The Freescale Cup Technical Reports TFC - Mexico, TFC - Brazil, TFC - China, TFC - Malaysia, TFC - Japan, TFC - North America, TFC - India, TFC - Taiwan, The Freescale Cup EMEA.


Best regards,

Earl Orlando Ramírez-Sánchez

Technical Support Engineer

Freescale Semiconductor

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