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Where is the OCRAM (FlexRAM) in the i.MX Rt 1060?

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Feb 2, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Hi All


According to the user's manual for the i.MX RT 1060 the OCRAM (FlexRAM) occupies the address range from 0x20280000:



The FlexRAM default is to have 128k DTC, 128k ITC and 256k OCRAM and its OCRAM2 is fixed at 0x20200000 (512k).


When I try to use OCRAM I find that there are access errors on all addresses in the OCRAM (FlexRAM) range, although ITC and DTC accesses are OK (in their 128k default ranges), as are accesses in OCRAM2 area.


If I then reconfigure the FlexRAM I can configure both ITC and DTC to have sizes of 32k..512k, as expected but no matter what size is allocated to the OCRAM it can never be accessed. If I allocate all of FlexRAM to the OCRAM there is neither ITC nor DTC (correct) but there is still no OCRAM in the area.


- is the OCRAM accessible in a different address range than reported in the user's manual?
- is there some additional control needed to allow the OCRAM to operate? (its clock is enabled by default and I haven't located further methods to enable/disable it)
- could it be an issue with my EVKB? (eg. a missing power line needed for this memory)?






[uTasker project developer for Kinetis and i.MX RT]