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IMX6D Poor Ethernet Performance (UDP)

Question asked by Neil Patel on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by Victor Linnik



We are using an IMX6D on a custom board, running the 4.14.98 Linux Kernel released by NXP. The custom board also uses an AR8031 PHY, similar to the IMX6QSabreSD eval board. I am seeing poor UDP performance, with lots of lost datagrams when testing with iperf3. Performance varies when testing against different machines running Windows/or Linux with Gigabit interfaces. But for the case when testing against the IMX6SabreSD board (which happens to be the BEST case), in an isolated network, UDP RX rates are between 285-300 Mbps with about 25% loss, and UDP TX rates top out at 160 Mbps with minimal datagram loss (<.5%). I am aware of the ERRATA on the MAC block of the SOC (ERR004512), which essentially says that performance is limited to around 400 Mbps (TX + RX) combined. I am seeing this with TCP, as expected. However UDP is performing terribly. Any suggestions on how to increase UDP performance? At least enough to be in line with the ERRATA.