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IEEE1588 application in i.MX6SoloX processor

Question asked by lin zhou on Oct 8, 2018
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Our project uses the i.MX6SoloX processor. In the IEEE1588 application, I didn't find more references in the datasheet and reference manual.I have the following questions that need your support.:
1. I understand IEEE1588, there should be similar pins such as 1588_CLK_IN, 1588_PULSE_OUT, but I have not found similar pins in the i.MX6SoloX processor. The pins related to IEEE1588 are only ENETn_1588_EVENTn_IN and ENETn_1588_EVENTn_OUT. How to connect these pins correctly?
2. Do I need to add an external high precision reference clock source separately? Is it possible to pass the ENETn_1588_EVENTn_IN pin if needed?
3.Is the 1 PPS signal output directly through the ENETn_1588_EVENTn_OUT pin?


Thanks very much for your reply!