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Using i.MX7Dual SABRE Board with 13.3 inch e ink panel

Question asked by Vasil Dimitrov on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Joan Xie

I'm considering using the i.MX7Dual Sabre board for a project. I'd like to use Eink's 13.3 inch ES133UT2(or similar). The display/waveform will have to support fast updates, including partial updates, possibly using 2-color modes and dithering. As far as I understand the support for the so called "Regal" technology could be desirable, because of reduced ghosting. More specifically, my questions are(I will put numbers on them for ease of reference):


1) Is the i.MX7Dual SABRE board suitable development platform for such a project. I've found couple of threads, where people complain of problems with that board and 13.3" e-ink panels[1][2]. Do you know the current status of this issue- have you been able to resolve it somehow? If not, are there NXP boards that provide better support for such screens?


2) Do I need any additional daughter board or the panel can be attached directly to the SABRE board?


3) Do you provide a waveform file(hopefully with "Regal" support) that can be used to drive the panel?


I'm still learning about the e ink tech, from development perspective, so if some of the above doesn't make sense please let me know? I will appreciate any info you can give me.