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KL03Z: Current Draw in VLPR Mode?

Question asked by Sara Stout-Grandy on Sep 14, 2017
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I have a very basic code for the KL03Z for which I'm trying to verify the current draw in VLPR mode as noted in the data sheet. I have the QFN package of the microcontroller, I have set the LIRC clock to 8MHz and divided it down so that the core is at 4MHz and the bus is at 1MHz. The datasheet shows that the current draw should be either 188uA or 209uA depending on the meaning of "compute operating mode".



When I run the attached code, I get 1.06mA. When I step through the code using the debugger, I see the correct current (~184uA). I'm using the latest KDS software and Jlink. When I disconnect the Jlink, I still see the 1.06mA. The PMSTAT register shows that I'm in VLPR mode. questions:

1. Why do I not read the correct current draw when I run as opposed to step?

2. What is the "Computer Operation Mode"?

3. How do I put the While(1) look in SRAM vs flash as noted in that same datasheet entry? Is what I have in the code SRAM?





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