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i.MX6DL - HAB4 doesn't verify signature in 'open' configuration?

Question asked by Christian Neuwirth on Aug 29, 2017
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I've been working for the last couple of weeks to get secure boot in U-Boot operational on our own hardware based on the i.MX6DL. Everything seemed to work fine and according to expectations until I ran some final tests before 'closing' the device, i.e. blowing the fuse SEC_CONFIG.


It seems that the HAB4 does determine 'tampering' with a signed image as expected, but it does not determine when an image was signed with a different set of keys.


In other words:


  1. I created a set of keys using CST 2.3.2 and flashed the fuses in the i.MX6 accordingly.
  2. Booting seems to work fine, i.e. 'hab_status' reports no events.
  3. I signed an arbitrary image with the keys created in step #1.
  4. I downloaded that image to the board and it was authenticated successfully by 'hab_auth_img'.
  5. I 'tampered' with the downloaded image and authentication failed, i.e. 'hab_auth_img' and 'hab_status' report HAB events.
  6. I created a different set of keys using CST 2.3.2.
  7. I signed the same image that was used in step #3 with the keys created in step #6.
  8. I downloaded that image to the board and it was still authenticated successfully by 'hab_auth_img'.


Note that I patched authenticate_image() in <U-Boot Root>/arch/arm/imx-common/hab.c a bit so that an image is authenticated also when the SEC_CONFIG fuse is not blown.


I'm really confused by this behavior.


Does 'full' authentication work only when the device is 'closed'?

Or do you have another explanation?


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