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Can't get past SDC challenge/response using Codewarrior?

Question asked by David Dadson on Feb 10, 2017
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We're making use the trusted architecture on a P1010 based platform. However, we have found we can only successfully pass the SDC challenge-response if we leave the SFP_DRVR registers unprogrammed (i.e. all zeroes). If we program it with a (suitably hamming-bit encoded value), we instead get a "secure debug violation" reported by Codewarrior (v10.5.0) when we enter the programmed value.

We have set these fuses:
SFP_DPR = 0x00000001 (Conditionally closed, without notification)
SFP_DESSR  = 0x00000000
SFP_DRVR[0] = 0x04000800
SFP_DRVR[1] = 0x04000800


We have checked the DRVR value vst gen_drv:
$./gen_drv_drbg B 0400080004000800


DRV[63:0] after Hamming Code is:
 NAME    |     BITS     |    VALUE  
DRV 0    |    31 - 0    | 04000800
DRV 1    |    63 - 32   | 04000800


Is there anything we might have missed when setting fuses, or some configuration for Codewarrior that might be incorrect?