LPC1778, Problems with UART Rx DMA Transfer

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Heikon on Thu Oct 25 02:00:28 MST 2012

i plan to transmit and receive data from all UARTs via DMA.
The first configurations I started with UART1.

The Tx Channel works fine, from ringbuffer the data was transmitted and could be seen in the HTerm window.
SO the UART Config musst be right concerning the DMA/FIFO settings

But at data reception I have problems. When I send data from HTerm, I can see the data at the Rx Pin and also in the UART peripheral window
at µVision (U1RBR). At the same time the RBR Bit is set during the reception.
But after the data runs through the register window, the RBR Bit is set to "0" and nothing is transmitted through DMA in the ReceptionRingBuffer.

someone with an idea what I did wrong?