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Problem with Secure Boot on P2041

Question asked by Saad Ahmad on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by bpe


I am trying to activate secure boot on P2041RDB.

I am using (rcw_14g_sben_1500mhz.bin) RCW with secure boot and boot hold enabled

(without ITS=1).

I am following procedure from SDK documentation to add SRKH on runtime during boot hold (without blowing fuses):


Using CW TAP (USB)

Open CCS (On Ubuntu)

source IDcode.tcl (selected cw usb TAP)

# Connect to CCS and configure Config Chain

ccs::config_chain p2040

display ccs::get_config_chain


#Check Initial SNVS State and Value in SCRATCH Registers

ccs::display_mem 0 0xfe314014 4 0 1

ccs::display_mem 0 0xfe0e0200 4 0 4


#Wrie the SRK Hash Value in Mirror Registers

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e807c 4 0 <SRKH1>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e8080 4 0 <SRKH2>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e8084 4 0 <SRKH3>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e8088 4 0 <SRKH4>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e808c 4 0 <SRKH5>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e8090 4 0 <SRKH6>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e8094 4 0 <SRKH7>

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e8098 4 0 <SRKH8>


#Get the Core Out of Boot Hold-Off

ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e00e4 4 0 0x00000001


The problem is on second debug command <which ever it is> I always get (scan timeout error)

But If I retry again the command works.


However when I read SSM_ST (Security State of SEC_MON), it goes to "Non-Secure" state.

The cores are still in boot hold but the security state changes to Non-Secure.


After releasing boot hold the ISBC gives error "SSM_CHECKSTS" (SEC_MON State Machine

not in CHECK state at start of ISBC) and SoC gets stuck (no output).



Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.