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Codewarrior 5.1 Installation Issues

Question asked by Rajkumar Vinod Kanna on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 8, 2016 by Alice_Yang

I am trying to install Codewarrior 5.1 on my Windows-7 64-bit machine.

The package from the web shows the following files to be installed as a part of 5.1


When I begin installation, the following files were installed in sequence:-

  • CodeWarrior for HCS12(X) Microcontrollers v5.1.exe
  • CodeWarrior for HCS12 v5.1 Compiler Update.exe
  • CodeWarrior for HCS12 v5.1 G240 Service Pack.exe
  • CodeWarrior for HCS12 v5.1 VR64 Service Pack.exe
  • CodeWarrior for HCS12 v5.1 GA128GN32 Service Pack.exe


The next one that I tried was:-

  • CodeWarrior for HCS12 v5.1 G64 Service Pack.exe

executing which resulted in the below alert window popping, that I decided to skip (clicked the "No" button) this one. I don't know where to find this "Processor Expert v3.03 Service Pack"

The next one I tried was Processor Expert updates V3.05 for CodeWarrior for HCS12 v5.1.exe, and the installation got stuck at the below now. Looks like this needs the previous step to be successful in order for this one to succeed.

What should be the exact installation sequence? And what other files (than listed in the website on 5.1) would be required and where to find them?

One more, is the Codewarrior 5.1 designed to function well with Windows-7 (ot 8 or 10) 64-bit?