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Question asked by Mehmet Ertug AFSIN on Mar 17, 2016
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I am trying to bring up custom board based on i.MX6Q and total of 1GByte DDR3L. I have used the tool to obtain calibration results for 400MHz then applied the calibration results then run stress test for frequencies between 400 - 528 MHz. Test has been completed successfully. I also tried 32bit Memory Read write test, however for the Address value of A0000000, the tool warned me about system damage if the address is inappropriate and after clicking cross/ok. I guess read operation was unsucessfull. No data was present at the indicated address and the OTG connection was lost.I had to repower the board.


  • I want to ask if the address i used is ok for read/write operation? What is the address range in the memory map corresponding to 1GByte Ram?
  • Is it ok to run DDR3 with 400MHz for i.MX6Q.


By the way I am using v2.40 of ddr tester tool.



Thanks in advance..