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Eternal "configuring GDB" if P&E Multilink not connected or target OFF

Question asked by manexagirrezabalaga on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by Martin Kovar



Our team is developing on MPC5744P using the MC33908 eval board and a MPC5744P daughter board, as well as a P&E Multilink Universal cable for downloading and debugging. The IDE used is S32 for Power 1.0.


When pressing the "Debug" button, there are cases where the target can be forgotten to turn on, or the Multilink cable be disconnected, or in use under another program (the P&E Nexus Programmer for bare downloading).


In those cases (which are mere and common "mistakes") result in the debugging process getting stuck in "Configuring GDB...". Pressing the STOP button next to it shows "Cancel Request" next to that message, but the "Configuring GDB..." is never cancelled.


Then, the only option is to close and re-open S32. And if you dare starting another debugging session without doing that, the P&E Multilink fails to respond (it is neither detected by S32 in the "Debugger" Tab under Project Properties/Run&Debug" nor by the P&E Nexus Programmer) until the computer is rebooted.


- Is there any more comfortable workaround (either official or based on your experience) on this embarrassing issue (which may happen to anybody)?


Thank you.