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How to read Data flash 0 IFR, MK22FX512AVLL12

Question asked by Ove-Anders Gaarder Aune on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Ove-Anders Gaarder Aune

Having some issues when trying to read the Data flash 0 IFR on Kinetis MK22FX512AVLL12, hope someone here can give me a few pointers.


First, the datasheet says that the address for EEPROM Data Set Size is 0x3FD. This have to be put in FTFA_FCCOB1-3, but a footnote says that this needs to be 64 bit aligned, thereby making the [2:0] bits 0. Can someone please try to explain this to me ?


Can't figure out how to enter this address correctly, tried many different ways, but would be better to understand it, rather than just guessing until I get it right.


I've tried to execute the command and the ACCERR flag is set, so it seems like it is attempting to execute, but returning error.