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Wrong Qt-Rendering with platform EGLFS

Question asked by Michael Wiesent on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by hardyb

I have exactly the same problem as in this thread EGLFS ugly rendering. .

In my case i have a display with 800x480 pixel. EGL renders obviously 1000x480 pixel. The 200 pixel are shifted like in the picture below but when i change the parameter bits_per_pixel from 24 to 32 bit (/sys/class/graphics/fb0/bits_per_pixel) the shift will not be visible on the left side. I will simply not be shown anymore because of the end of the display. The rendering failure still exists.

Which init file do jamesbone mean and where can i find this file?


Here are some pictures from my side to give you a better felling what is happening to my system:


Picture 1: this picture shows the effect like above with visible shift

Picture 2: here we can see the same effect but the pixel depth is changed from 24 to 32 bit

Picture 3: this picture shows the output, when i start the example with linuxfb (but in our project we can´t use linuxfb because we use opengl es 2)





PS: it seems that the eglfs is not interested in the environment variables mentioned here: Qt for Embedded Linux | Qt 5.4

I tested some possible settings but there is no effect to the output. We use Qt 5.3.2 built with yocto in our application.

Also fbset 800 480 800 480 24 only have a effect on the color depth.


Would be perfect if anyone can give some support to me or have some ideas.