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setup interrupts KDS

Question asked by mjg8t on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by mjg8t

Hi There,


I am switching over to using KDS.  I am trying to figure out how user interrupt vectors are supposed to be setup in KDS.  In codewarrior there was the kinetis_sysinit.c file where the user interrupts could be define.  But, the structure seems to have changed in KDS. 


Can someone point me to any documentation on how KDS should be properly setup? 


It appears that maybe vectors are defined in the "startup_MK20D5.s" file and I would just need to define my intertupt vector in user code with the same names here?


Are there any project examples for KDS?


snippet of "startup_MK20D5.S" code


    .section .isr_vector, "a"

    .align 2

    .globl __isr_vector



    .long   DMA0_IRQHandler                                 /* DMA channel 0 transfer complete interrupt*/

    .long   DMA1_IRQHandler                                 /* DMA channel 1 transfer complete interrupt*/

    .long   DMA2_IRQHandler                                 /* DMA channel 2 transfer complete interrupt*/

    .long   DMA3_IRQHandler                                 /* DMA channel 3 transfer complete interrupt*/

    .long   DMA_Error_IRQHandler                            /* DMA error interrupt*/