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KDS printf issues with -nanolibc

Question asked by Derek Snell Employee on May 27, 2014
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I've run into an issue with KDS when using the nanolibc library and printf.  With this library, the printf only prints the first character.  If I remove the linker option -nanolibc, then printf works as expected.


I'm using the attached project for the FRDM-K64F Freedom board.  I've used Processor Expert (PEx) to add MQX Lite and the ConsoleIO component.  The attached project uses the option -nanolibc, and shows the issue.  Debugging the issue, I put a breakpoint in the function _write() generated by the ConsoleIO component in CsIO1.c.  The parameter count for the character count to send out the UART is set to 1 when -nanolibc, no matter what the length of the printf string is.  If I remove the linker option -nanolibc and debug, the character count is passed correctly as expected.


I haven't figured out how to debug the library for why the count parameter is 1, since I haven't found the library source code yet.


I found this when trying to use a device with less RAM than the K64.  In that device, using the default library didn't fit in the RAM, so I used the -nanolibc option for the smaller library.  Now the application fits, but I can't get the printf statements to work.


Thanks for any guidance




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