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uTasker V1.4.4 for Kinetis K / KL

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Apr 16, 2014
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Hi All


I am pleased to be able to inform of a new uTasker project release which supports (I think) all Freescale Freedom and Tower boards for Kinetis K and KL parts - using CW10.x, IAR, Keil, Rowley Crossworks, Atollic or stand-alone GCC.

- The project includes a boot loader that can operate on each board (on UART, SD card, USB-MSD and new Ethernet Web server - any one or any combination of each, depending on what interface the boards physically have)

- The main project also runs on all boards (limited only by the peripherals available on each part - some drivers may not be available for KL parts at the moment) and can be built with any of the mentioned tool chains.

- 3-axis accelerometers (MMA8451Q and MMA7660F) and 6-axis sensor (accelerometer/magnetometer FXOS8700CQ) interfaces included

- All boards and the processor peripherals are simulated, allowing the applications to be run, tested, debugged (most parts essentially in real-time) using VisualStudio

- New protocol support in the TCP/IP stack:
     SNMPV1 and SNMPV2c with multiple manager support and user MIB capability

     Multicast and IGMP V1/V2 support on multiple networks and interfaces [Documentation:]
     Multiple network operation (a single board can be assigned multiple IP addresses and operate on multiple networks)


Release note and project at


See the new Freedom FRDM-K64F in action here:New Freedom FRDM-K64F board