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Evalboard with i.mx6 and ETM/PTM connector

Question asked by Roelof Berg on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by Roelof Berg

Dear Freescale Community,


we're looking for an evaluation board for multicore i.mx6 processors that offers a ETM/PTM connector (preferably Mictor-38). Does anyone know about such a device ? Or a way some standard device can be connected to ETM/PTM (by a changed pad-routing or an extension board ...).


Background: We have to debug the realtime behavior of a multicore i.mx6 and want to use a Lauterbach Power Trace II debugger to be able to debug in a non-invasive way. We want to do this _before_ we made our PCB design because we have to check the realtime feasibility also _before_ we commit ourselves to i.mx6. Any kind of i.mx6 will be sufficient in the first step.


Thank you, best regards,

Roelof Berg


(Mictor-38: TRACE32® Adaption for ARM ETM Preprocessor Mictor)