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InterruptVector component and MQX Lite

Question asked by Yuji Sasaki on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by Yuji Sasaki

I'm using ProcessorExpert 10.2.0 for Kinetis TWR-KL25.

I tried to use LLWU interrupt, but there is no LLWU component in PEx.

So I tried to initialize LLW interrupt by using InterruptVector component from "CPU Internal Peripherals" -> "Peripheral Initialization" -> "Interrupt Vector".

When the project DOES NOT include MQX Lite, I could configure InterruptVector component with vector=INT_LLW, and generate code.

However when MQX Lite is included in the project, it fails to generate code as error message below.


Generator: FAILURE: at line 248: Unexpected status, please contact Freescale support. (file: Drivers\sw\RTOSAdaptor\Common_RTOSAdaptor.prg)


The same error happens when I tried different interrupt vector, such as UART2.

I attached screenshot of PEx just for reference.