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Odd / Irrelevant Linker Warnings in CW v10.4

Question asked by Mike Holmes on Sep 20, 2013
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I'm working on a ColdFire project in CW v10.4. My target system is MCF51JF128, and I'm incorporating the FS USB Stack v4.1.1. My development platform is Windows 7.


My problem is that when I build, I get several linker warnings that look like this:


C:/Freescale/CW MCU v10.4/MCU/ColdFire_Tools/Command_Line_Tools/mwldmcf|Linker|Warning

>Source file "D:\workspace\ColdFire\ColdFire_Build_Tools\ewl\EWL_C\src\mem.c"

>not found, cannot display source


The odd thing here is that I don't have a D: drive, and none of my source files are called mem.c. Also, this doesn't seem to affect my output image at all.


Can anyone tell me how to clear up these warnings? I see that this question was already asked by another forum member several weeks ago, but no one ever answered him, so I'm asking again.