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tsc2004 touchscreen driver on Jelly Bean(JB) jb4.2.1_1.0.0-alpha

Question asked by Manohar Chinnadurai on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by Eric Nelson

Hi All,


Here i'm using jb4.2.1_1.0.0-alpha base code to bringup android Jelly bean on imx6 based hardware and i'm using tsc2004 Resistive touch screen driver.

From the kernel, i'm able to bringup the touchscreen driver and able to get the events from the touch screen driver to UI. But X and Y co ordinates are not properly configured.

i'm using tsc2004.idc and /data/system/calibration which is working for ICS and which is not effecting on the JB release.

i try to calibrate using ts_calibrate tool to calibrate and it's not working properly.

In JB, what is the procedure to calibrate JB based device?


Thanks in advance.