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i.MX6Q: Re-establishing a PCIe link

Question asked by Charles Powe on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by Charles Powe
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Has anyone attempted to re-establish a PCIe link to an endpoint after the link dropped?  In my case I have a Gen2 PCIe link established to a single endpoint when Linux comes up.  I take the endpoint down either by resetting it or performing a PCIe "hot reset".  In all cases the PCIe link comes back as a Gen1 link.  However, as soon as any traffic is sent over the link (reading the Vendor ID via a config-read, for example) the i.MX6Q hangs.


The LTSSM on the i.MX6Q seems to get to the final "L0" state.  I've looked at the link re-establishment using a PCIe protocol analyzer.  I don't think the i.MX6Q ever initiates a "speed change" to Gen2 the way it does on the initial bring-up.


Anyone else see this?