Demo app does not work on 1052EVBK with MCUXpressIDE and Keil Ulink2 CMSIS-DAP

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Demo app does not work on 1052EVBK with MCUXpressIDE and Keil Ulink2 CMSIS-DAP

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hi,  NXP experts, 

My development env is  as below: 

1. window 10.  

2. MCUXpressIDE MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.0 [Build 3209] [2019-12-12]

3.  i.MXRT1052 EVBK.

4.  debug probe:  Keil Ulink2  CMSIS-DAP

5. Attached picture shows  development board and debug probe.  

6. Tera terminal  is opened for  USB-to-UART console.

It is noticed that I can not have demo app  of  "hello world" to run normally  on this board in this circumstance.  

There is no "hello world" output  on Tera terminal and no same output in  IDT console.  In the meanwhile,  it seems that it is not quite right with debugger function in this case.  Detail info can refer to the attached files. 

Is there some thing wrong when setting up my  development env for this board?  Could some expert give some advice on it?  If there is some extra info needed for addressing this issue, please let me know.  


Weihui Wang 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Weihui Wang,

Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and for the opportunity to serve you.
1) Firstly, please refer to i.MX RT1052 Developer's Kit User's Guide to assure the hardware setup is correct.
2) i.MX RT1052/1062 Developer's Kit Program Development Guide presents how to program the demo code to EcoXiP flash memory, please refer to it too.
3) In addition, I'd like to suggest you debug the 'hello world' in MCUXpresso IDE to figure the issue out.

Have a great day,


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hi, Jeremy,   

Thanks  in advance for your feedback.  

I have followed up the  i.MX RT1052 developer's kit User's guide and   program development guide  to setup  IDE env and  HW setup.   For the purpose of double checking,  I will share related info  below step by step.  

1. in IDE, import   SDK demo apps as below.

xip flash  size and  driver have been  updated   according to development kit manual.   

drivers in   SDK xip directory  has been replaced  with conformity with  guide.   

2.   After project is imported,  the status screen is as below.   

3.  Then build this project, there is no error info. refer to the picture below.   

4. Then connect Ulink2  and usb-to-serial to oem board. These devices works well.  Tera  terminal is used to capture serial output.