Use UUU to flash u-boot and u-boot-environment.

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Use UUU to flash u-boot and u-boot-environment.

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I’d like flash u-boot and the corresponding u-boot-environment image with UUU in the boot0 hardware partition of the eMMC storage of a Verdin iMX8MP SoM.

As per Toradex documentation I need to write the environment at offset 0x2200 (8704 bytes) before the end of boot0. The boot0 hardware partition of this eMMC has size 32MiB.

For this reason I created a complete image with the size of the boot0.

The image is created using dd and appending the imx-boot image, zeros until the U-Boot environment image.

 |        | zeros   |        |
0x0                 -0x2200   END


I'm trying to flash this image into the bootloader partition using the script below.

uuu_version 1.4.127
FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_dev mmc
FB: flash bootloader my_bootloader
FB: ucmd setenv mmcdev 2
FB: flash -raw2sparse all my_image.wic
FB: done

I can enter correctly in Fastboot mode but I always get the following error message:

0x40000000image too large for partition1:214>Fail image too large for partition(1.089s)

Looking at the fastboot code in U-Boot it looks like “FB: flash bootloader” does not support writing more than 4MiB.

Is there any way to perform one or more of the following using UUU?

  • write more than 4MiB on a boot0 hardware partition?
  • write at a specified offset on a boot0 hardware partition?


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