Executing i.MX6 Solo X M4 core from TCM

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Executing i.MX6 Solo X M4 core from TCM

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1) Section 13.5 of the reference manual discusses the Cortex-M4 boot requirements. In particular it states that the A9-core is responsible for "...setting up Cortex-M4 initial exception table in TCRAML". The application note AN5127 only specifies how to run the MQX code from QSPI (default from bundle), DDR, or OCRAM. There is no mention of how to execute code from TCRAML. Please provide instructions on how to do this.

2) I tried to determine what address the A9-core would use to write to the TCRAML (prior to enabling the M4 core). Table 2-1 does not specify a System memory region for accessing the TCRAML from the A9 core. There is talk about a "backdoor" access port for the A9 to write to this memory, but no description on how to do so that I could find. All my attempts to try to write to this memory have failed (doing so from the U-boot command line prompt using the "cp" command). Please advise on the correct procedure to allow the A9 core to write to the M4 core's TCM prior to enabling the M4 core.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Andrew

TCML Address for A9 is 0x007f8000

example (MX6SX Hello world.zip) can be found on link below

Re: i.mx6 solox for dummies

Best regards



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The M4 is poorly document and made worse by the fact that the A9 memory map in the reference manual describes that region as:

007F_8000 007F_FFFF 32 KB Reserved

With the following note:

User should not address reserved memory regions. Access to

reserved memory regions can cause unpredictable behavior.

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