Bluetooth on Toradex apalis imx6q

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Bluetooth on Toradex apalis imx6q

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We are using MurataModule based on broadcom chipset. This module is evaluated on sabresd board & this is mentioned in Naught release notes. Considering timelines we have chosen this Murata module as its already evaluated on sabresd board.

We are using Toradex apalis imx6q board running on android Naught. We have connected hardware pins in the following way:

MURATA BT/WI-FI MODULE                          TORADEX (X27 connector )

WL HOST WAKE---------------------------------->> 3 (WAKE1 _XX )

WL REG ON --------------------------------------->>13(GPIO1)

BT HOST WAKE ----------------------------------->>14

BT REG ON---------------------------------------->>15

BT DEV WAKE ------------------------------------>>16

BT UART CTS-------------------------------------->> Not connected

BT UART RTS-------------------------------------->>Not Connected

BT UART RXD------------------------------------->>28 (UART4_TXD)

BT UART TXD------------------------------------->>27(UART4_RXD)


EXT_VBAT---------------------------------------->>12 (+5V )

SDIO lines we have not connected as we dont want to use its WiFi feature. We have referred imx6qdl-sabresd-btwifi.dtsi and created imx6qdl-apalis-btwifi.dtsi. Both the files i have attached with this thread. 

apart from that we have added following code in present at /hardware/broadcom/libbt/ so that this driver will also get compiled.

ifeq ($(TARGET_PRODUCT), toradex_apalis6q)
include $(LOCAL_PATH)/conf/fsl/toradex_apalis6q/

After building all  /dev/ttymxc4 is not showing up.if i comment  &pinctrl_btreg>; from following part of our dts (imx6qdl-apalis-btwifi.dtsi) then it shows up.

&uart5 {
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_uart5_dce
resets = <&modem_reset>;
status = "okay";
/* for DTE mode, add below change */
/* fsl,dte-mode; */
/* pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_uart5dte_1>; */

Please let me know what im missing and more i need to do to get this bluetooth up and running ?

Kindly guide.

Link for Freescale's sabersd board's schematic where this module is used ( ) We have used this as a reference.

Datasheeets of the board are attached below.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Amit,

Since I do not know if the  Kernel of the BSP from the Toradex Apalis has the support for the Wifi Bluetooth module from Murata,  I recommend that you send an email to  MURATA,    here is an email, where you can ask if the BSP from Toradex has been patch for this specific module

I also recommend you to check this  presentation  from Murata regarding the Modules and the i.MX6 devices 

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