Android N7.1.1 failed the A2DP Sink's Audio sound

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Android N7.1.1 failed the A2DP Sink's Audio sound

Contributor I

Hi folks,

I am running into a problem while enable Bluetooth features in Android N7.1.1. The problem was enable the Bluetooth A2DP Sink, and the connection was established between my Sabreauto(bluetooth device as A2DP Sink) and my Android smart phone(bluetooth device as A2DP source), BUT the audio was not able to been heard from the Audio Out at the sabreauto (with a speaker).

I searched the Internet and found out a link Gerrit Code Review  said the A2DP Sink's audio part was not implemented in Android. And a patch fix was provided from the link, BUT the fix was for Android L5. So I am wondering if NXP community has solved this issue in Android N7.1.1.

Otherwise, if anybody has the same experiences for Android Bluetooth, would you like to share your opinions.

Thanks for your help.

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Contributor II

Hello Justin,

we also trying to work on blue-tooth we are using the sabre auto board.

Can i know which bluetooth hardware your are using ? which support imx6q sabre auto board

Thanks & Regards,


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Justin,

Thank you for writing.

Unfortunately, this a problem that the Android Noughat has. Google said that they are trying to fix this issue. But for that, you need to go directly with google.

I apologize for this inconvenient.

Best Regards,


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