Change the clocks according to the display (non-default resolution)

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Change the clocks according to the display (non-default resolution)

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Change the clocks according to the display (non-default resolution)

For the board imx8M Quad EVK running the Linux 4.14.78-1.0.0_ga version BSP, the resolutions 3840x2160,1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480 are support in our default BSP. For the other resolutions how to make it work?

This patch used to do support for a non-default resolution on i.MX 8MQ EVK. Basically, the customer needs to change the clocks accordingly to the display requirements,  it to be used as a base to the display support.


Is there similar patch for imx8m mini 4.14.98? I m looking for non-CEA 1024x768 resolution via IMX-MIPI-HDMI. And I don't have any option like "use monitor with standard "cea_modes" resolution.". Thank you.

Tried to add some cmdline args like mxc_hdmi.only_cea=0 allow_noncea=1 -- no result

evk_8mm:/ # cat /proc/cmdline
console=ttymxc1,115200 earlycon=ec_imx6q,0x30890000,115200 init=/init androidboot.console=ttymxc1 androidboot.hardware=freescale cma=800M@0x400M-0xb80M androidboot.primary_display=imx-drm firmware_class.path=/ve
ndor/firmware transparent_hugepage=never androidboot.wificountrycode=CN androidboot.lcd_density=213 mxc_hdmi.only_cea=0 allow_noncea=1 androidboot.serialno=2***********d94a androidboot.btmacaddr=*********** androidboot.soc_type=imx8mm androidboot.boot_device_root=mmc

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