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Question asked by LinJin MENG on Jun 18, 2019
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Hi IMX8M Mini Team FAE:


    I want to use the IMX8M Mini EVK and MIPI2HDMI board to develop my application, I can't see any graphic or QT UI after the Linux kernel images are boot up ( the images are directly from office website of NXP and the version is 4.14.98_ga_2.0.0). The MIPI2HDMI board and HDMI screen function are good when I setup the environment value in the UBOOT:

$setenv panel MIPI2HDMI

when the Uboot is boot up, I can watch a logo image on the HDMI screen, but the the screen will turn black after the linux kernel completely boot up(I use the fsl-imx8mm-evk.dtb and Image for all IMX8)

So my question is : where should I be setup? UBOOT? or kernel ? 

Thank you !