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What are tags?

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Tagging content makes it easier to find later.  Tags are like index keywords that you and others assign to content. Tags make it easier to find content when you search for it. You can assign tags to existing or new content to describe it for people who might search for it later. You can even assign tags to a status update.

  • To assign tags to a status update, type # before the keyword, for example, "Really enjoying that amazing #presentation about #XYZ customer." Now others will find this update whenever they search for "presentation" and "XYZ."
  • To assign tags to content, open or create your content and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Tags box. Think of the keywords, or tags, you would use to search for this content and enter them in the Tags box. Use an underscore to separate words. Consider using any existing tags that pop-up in the suggestion box. Existing tags are often assigned to related content, so it's good practice to use them. Note that if you are tagging content that is being moderated by an admin, your tags may not show up right away because content updates may need to be approved.

You can speed up tagging by changing your user preferences. To enable on-the-fly tagging, click on your name in the upper right corner and then Preferences. Turn on Quick Tagging Mode and then click Save.

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