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This page contains the technical information for the FRDM-OLED shield.    This includes the schematics, bill of materials (BOM),  gerber files and raw design files.


Main features:

  • Newhaven NHD-2.7-12864UCY3 128x64 pixel graphic OLED Display
  • Electret microphone interface with gain control
  • RS-485 Interface for doing cool things like driving a DMX lighting system.
  • General purpose I/O (I/O is shared with A/D pins so you could make your own scope!)





Example software, video tutorials tutorials, cool demos, etc are location on the page for MonkeyListen project page located here.





  • You can order PCBs through OSHPark or your favorite board house.   There is a special .zip file with files ready to go for OSHPark  (using their preferred naming convention).
  • There is a complete design package which has the raw design files (Altium Designer Format) as well as gerbers,  a bill of materials,  assembly plots etc.  Look in the "BUILD_PACKAGE" folder for the stuff needed to make the board.
  • A PDF Schematic is also provided for easy reference.


If you are interested in a low cost pre-fabbed board or a fully assembled version,  please leave a comment.  A kickstarter project may follow to get a bunch built!

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