NXP Technology Days - Toronto - September 26, 2018

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NXP Technology Days - Toronto - September 26, 2018

NXP Technology Days - Toronto - September 26, 2018


Automotive Safety and HEV Offering for Vehicle Dynamics and Safety (VDS) 

i.MX 8/8X Overview 

S32K Complete Portfolio Update 

S32 Radar Processor, Product Revolution 

Understanding the Autonomous System 

Artificial Intelligence, Enabling Technologies, Security & Solutions

A Vision for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Low-cost Edge-computing Nodes 

Hands-On Workshop: Advanced Debugging with MCUXpresso IDE 

Hands-On Workshop: Crossover MCU Memory Expansion Advantage: Designing with Execute in Place Serial ... 

Hands-On Workshop: Develop Managed IoT Deployments with Arm® Mbed™ OS and NXP Platforms 

Hands-On Workshop: Learn to Get Up and Running Fast with MCUXpresso Software and Tools 

Hands-On Workshop: Leveraging MCUXpresso SDK Examples within Your Designs 

Hands-On Workshop: Optimizing and Tuning FreeRTOS Applications with MCUXpresso Software and Tools 

Hands-On Workshop: Using MCUXpresso Software and Tools with Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Using OpenWRT, Yocto, Ubuntu or Your Own Custom Linux® Distribution? Learn How NXP is Making it Easy... 

Smart Machinery & Industrial Automation

A71CH Plug and Trust Solution for IoT Security 

NFC in Industrial and Healthcare - More Use Cases Than You Imagine 

Securing My Connected Device - Where are the Threats and What Solutions Does NXP Offer You? 

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP): Challenges, Opportunities and Sol... 

Smarter World Solutions & Multimode Connectivity

Amazon Alexa Voice Services 

Hands-On Workshop: Get Started with LPC54018 Based IoT Module to Develop a Cloud-Connected End Node 

Hands-On Workshop: i.MX RT Overview and Training 

i.MX 8M - Next-Generation of Applications Processors for High Performance, Smart Design and Advanced... 

Introduction of NXP Wireless Charging 

IoT Sensor Applications—Industrial and Automotive Use Cases 

NXP BLE Low-Power Solutions for Consumer, Medical, Industrial IoT and Automotive Markets 

NXP Connectivity Solutions for Smart Home, Building and Lighting 

Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit

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