S32K3 Mcal and RTA-OS integration problem

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S32K3 Mcal and RTA-OS integration problem

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When I integrate RTA-OS (S32K344 Greenhills)to S32K324 Mcal project, It always reports errors.Like :

UsageFault: An instruction executed with an invalid EPSR.T or EPSR.IT field.
UsageFault: The processor has attempted to execute an undefined instruction.
MemManage: The processor attempted a load or store at a location that does not permit the operation.
MemManage: The processor attempted an instruction fetch from a location that does not permit execution.
HardFault: A BusFault has occurred on a vector table read during exception processing.

I think it's the boot code and interrupt's problem. How to integrate the startup and interrupt of MCAL and rta-os? Are there any relevant instructions or examples?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Can you describe more detail about your issue?
Which RTA-OS version, which MCAL version you're using. How did you integrate the project?
And which step raise above issues?

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