How to disable auto-learning in the SJA1105T

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How to disable auto-learning in the SJA1105T

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I am working on the LS1021ATSN-PA to prototype a mesh router.

I need to disable the switch auto learning of addresses and have all the unrouted traffic goes to the host port.

I tried to set the DYN_LEARN flag to 0 in the mac-configuration-table for all ports and set the DYN_TBSZ value to 0 in the l2-address-lookup-parameters-table with no success.

When loading the configuration disable-learning-config.xml this way the devices connected to the switch can still connect to each others:

# sja1105-tool reset cold

# sja1105-tool config load -f disable-learning-config.xml

What should be done for the switch to only use statically configured routes ?

Thank you for your support.


It seems it is actually working. When address learning is disabled the switch flood the frames to every ports making it seems like if it was still learning the addresses. Now I only need to figure out how to forward the frames for unknown address only to the host port.


To prevent the frames to be forwarded to all ports but the host one, the FL_DOMAIN field of the first 4 entries of l2-forwarding-table must be set to 0x10, and the 5th entry field must be set to 0x00.

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