Isolating HDMI using PTN3363 (HDMI Redriver)?

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Isolating HDMI using PTN3363 (HDMI Redriver)?

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I'd like to isolate HDMI(TMDS) between IN side and OUT side.
I have an idea for isolation for capacitive isolation by using PTN3363, HDMI redriver.
The isolation means isolating power & ground.

Your product, PTN3363, is available for AC Coupling in TMDS input line.
I think that transfering only small signal(AC Coupled TMDS signal) not transfering Common-mode volatage by AC Coupling.

Motherboard(TMDS output of HDMI) -> Isolating by AC Coupling -> PTN3363(Self-bias by Isolated power) -> TV(TMDS input of HDMI)
Motherboard(DDC/HPA of HDMI) <-> Isolating by Photo Coupler <-> PTN3363 -> TV(DDC/HPA of HDMI)

Is it available for realizing HDMI isolation?

Please advise me about that.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Chanwook,

It is difficult to understand your application.

PTN3363 is a HDMI level shifter, not a re-driver.
PTN3363 is recommended for DP-HDMI dongle design,
PTN3366 is recommended for Motherboard design.
Typical mother board application: 
CPU with DP -> PTN3366 -> HDMI connector -> TV
Best regards,
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