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最近在看NXP Slix2标签的数据手册时发现,这款芯片新增了一条STAY QUIET PERSISTENT指令,手册中提到利用这条指令可以提高多标签检测的效率:

         而在指令说明中没有找到具体的使用方法,其中仅对于标签的persistent quiet状态进行了说明,可以在标签失能一段时间内保持静默状态,但没有说明如何利用这一点提高检卡效率。


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Guangjun,

Imagine that you have shelves of books in library. And you have a handheld reader to do an inventory of all books in the shelves. You go with your arm left and right to scan. You will be powering different ICODEs each swing with your hand. But you don’t want, that the Tag you Inventoried already (BUT this Tag lost the power in between, because of arm swings), that it responds again. You want that this tag remain silent, this is STAY QUIET PERSISTENT.

It is a speed up for an Anticollision, that the already Invetoried tag, even if lost RF in between, will not respond in an anticollision round.

Hope that makes sense,

Have a great day,




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