MPC5744P Censorship programing with Lauterbach

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MPC5744P Censorship programing with Lauterbach

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MPC5744P Censorship programing with Lauterbach

The device can be secured by adding a Non-Volatile System Censorship Information (NVSCI) record to the DCF record list in the UTEST Flash block.

A value of 55AAh in the censorship control word of the NVSCI record determines that the device is unsecured, any other value determines that the device is secured.



Censoring the device (example for lauterbach script)

1. Program NVSCI DCF record to first available space in UTEST memory.

   data.set 0x00400308 %QUAD 0x55AA12340100000C ;NVSCI - Censorship Control enabled

2. Program Censorship password (0x1234567812345678)

   data.set 0x00400310 %QUAD 0x1234567801000004 ;NVPWDL                                                        
   data.set 0x00400318 %QUAD 0x1234567801000008 ;NVPWDH   

3. Perform reset


Now the device is censored and JTAG PASSWORD must be inserted in order to work with JTAG.

Lauterbach ->   sys.option.keycode 0x1234567812345678



The device is now accessible trough JTAG.


" After every reset the JTAG PASSWORD key must be reentered on censored device "


Uncensoring device:

data.set 0x004003018 %QUAD 0x55AA55AA0100000C ;NVSCI - Censorship Control disabled






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